Saturday 21st September 2019

Dj Brown Soul


DJ Brownsoul – the most versatile DJ of Toronto. Specialized in: weddings, receptions, clubs, formals, birthday parties and more. DJ Brownsoul’s interest and knowledge in music began developing in early childhood. Knowing when to play the right type of music to suite specific events and crowds is DJ Brownsoul’s expertise.

DJ Brownsoul has done many mixes and remix CDs as well as numerous club events for various age groups and ethnics. His advanced knowledge in all genres of music is his major plus point. Whether you want top 40s,house, hiphop, RNB, reggae, dancehall, soca, chutney, bhangra, Hindi &Tamil music- he has got it all.

His great taste in music and his talent to play and watch the dancefloor has made DJ Brownsoul a successful DJ.